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We understand...

We understand that going somewhere new can be a little daunting and you may have questions so let us try to give you some answers.

Q: When should I arrive?

A: We recommend arriving 10-15 minutes before the service starts to give yourself time to find a seat and have a look through the order of service. 

Q: Do you have a car park?

A: We have limited on-site parking. If our car park is full when you arrive you may be able to park on the road. The Council have recently changed when charges for parking on the roads apply so please check the signage. We also have a surface car park and a multi-storey car park close by, both of which are run by the Council and charge seven days a week.

Q: How should I dress?

A: Dress in what you find comfortable. Some people may choose to wear a suit whilst others may wear jeans and a t-shirt. It's up to you. You will be treated to a warm welcome no matter what you wear. 

Q: Will I have to stand up in front of people, or do a task?

A: When you first come to Holy Sepulchre there'll be no pressure to do anything. If you choose to worship with us regularly there'll still be no pressure. You may choose to join a rota (reading, prayers, refreshments) but that is your choice.

Q: What happens during a service?

A: Regular worship includes Bible readings, prayers, and Holy Communion (bread and wine). On Sundays we sing hymns and songs, as well as parts of the service.

Q: What if I don't know what to do in the service?

A: Most Sundays we use printed service sheets that say what comes next. However, if the sheet says 'we stand' but you feel that you would rather stay seated then that's okay. During the service you might see somebody bowing, or making the sign of the cross, or kneeling for prayers, and other people not doing any of those. We don't have set rules about those things and nobody will be watching to see who does things 'right' so don't worry.

Q: Will there be refreshments?

A: Yes! On Sundays we have refreshments after the service in another part of the church, and on Wednesdays refreshments are served in the parish halls after the service.

If you come along when we have Café Church you'll find hot drinks and pastries being served before and during the service. 

Holy Sepulchre, Northampton

Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Church Lane, Northampton, England NN1 3NL

Regular Worship

We gather for Holy Communion on Sundays at 11am, and Wednesdays at 10am. Please see Services and events for more information.